As the former Head of Europe at Alibaba, James speaks about Alibaba's business model, Amazon, ecosystems, what the West can learn from the East and business strategy.


James runs and co-founded an ecommerce business which without funding won the Guardian's "Start Up of the Year" award in 2016, and a Queen's Award for Export in 2020. It is now the largest Europe to China ecommerce platform, working with multiple $billion+ brands and retailers.


James consults to companies globally across different sectors on building ecosystems, eCommerce and innovative strategies for growth.

Keynote Speaker

Former Head of Europe for Alibaba, James is an engaging speaker on how Alibaba has become so dominant. In the West companies ask themselves how they can own a certain category or sector and think from a “profit first” view. In China, the biggest companies ask what big business problems need solving and how they can solve them. Taking an ecosystem approach, they ask how they can facilitate all the different pieces of any business environment, and how they can draw in many third parties to share in this ecosystem and ultimately to share in the rewards.

Speaking Topics

All speaking topics are underpinned by the radical business models developed and adopted by Alibaba. These models are being used outside the original proving ground of eCommerce with equal success across multiple industries. They give insight into better business paradigms and the future of business, eCommerce, Alibaba and Amazon.



The Future: Chinese eCommerce



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